We perform many other services such as tattoo removal, enzymatic peels such as Lactic Acid or Pumpkin Peels, waxing on the face and body, and eyebrow tinting. We proudly use and sell Dermaquest Products.

Enzymatic Peels

Pumpkin Peel and Lactic Acid Peel by Dermaquest.

These peels are great for restoring vitality and glow in your skin. They vigorously increase cell turnover while decreasing papule and pustular activity. Helps refine and cleanse pores which can help clear skin and decrease future breakouts.

The Lactic Acid peel is especially good for hydrating the epidermis and brightens skin immediately. These peels can make skin feel tight and tingly while being treated, and skin can remain red for up to 4 hours after.

We ask that you don’t wear makeup the day of treatment and nothing hot and sweaty for 48 hours.

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Tattoo Removal

Life changes and so can your tattoo. The Harmony XL is super effective on black and colored tattoo’s.

We numb the area for comfort and treatments are very quick. We ask that you do not do anything hot or sweaty for 48 hours after.

Please come in for free consultation for pricing approximate treatments needed.

Dermaquest Products

The DermaQuest skin journey starts by restoring and balancing skin. Dermaquest can address all skin conditions and achieve the highest quality results. Skin is healthy, nourished and transformed into the skin you always wanted.

The best part is that Dermaquest is not only a great value but also a high quality product. We love the Power Pumpkin Peel and the Lactic Acid Peel. These medical grade peels are awesome at deep cleaning pores and giving your skin a beautiful glow.

Some of our other favorite products are the 2% Retinol Brightening Serum (anti-aging and pigment), the B5 Essential Serum (this has 40% hylauronic acid and has won awards) and the Peptide Glyco Cleanser (doubles as a mask). Dermaquest also makes some of the best tinted sunscreen around containing zinc. Come in and we can recommend specific products for your skin.